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Websites for serious business

Website Solutions

Websites for serious business

JoeJoomla Website Solutions

Websites for serious business

JoeJoomla Website Solutions

Websites for serious business

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Website content management systems

We specialize in Joomla! It’s open source software free from expensive licensing. Why spend your dollars just for the privilege of using the software? Wouldn't you rather be investing your money for branding and content?

We can provide website solutions for the simplest to largest and most complex installations. We have what it takes to build a successful site for you.

Do you need someone to help train your staff how to maintain your site? Contact JoeJoomla for training packages customized for your requirements.

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Five Reasons
For JoeJoomla
Web Hosting

Five Reasons For JoeJoomla Web Hosting


ONE:Joomla! Only

We know Joomla! and it's the only platform we support. We don't try to be master of everything, just one thing.

We're connected closely to the Joomla! community and all our friends are Joomla! professionals. If there's ever a problem we know how to find a solution. We look out for you.

Optimized Servers Only

TWO:Joomla! Optimized

We only host Joomla! websites. Other hosting services want everything and anything. We're not after quantity, we are into this for quality.

Our Joomla! optimized hosting platform is custom-built to power quick-loading Joomla! sites. Our server technology is state-of-the-art and we want your Joomla! site to be fast! Since Joomla! is the only CMS we work with, we're able to fine tune all of our equipment specifically for Joomla!

Website monitoring

THREE:Website Monitoring

We monitor critical files for unexpected changes like hacking attempts or unauthorized changes to your site.

Your website is scanned every three hours for file changes. When changes to those files are detected we are alerted by email.

Automatic updates

FOUR:Automatic Updates

When updates to Joomla! or any of your Joomla! 2.5 and up extensions are available we can do the updates for you. You can also choose to do them yourself from the backend updater in your Joomla! website.

Managed backups

FIVE:Managed Backups

We save your work and can restore your site. We automatically backup your Joomla! site files once every 24 hours and your database twice every 24 hours. We keep these backups for 14 days. What this means is, if your site breaks, we can restore it for you as part of our standard hosting package.

Our backup service is powered by the Continued Data Protection (CDP) Enterprise Backup Software offered by R1Soft, the most trusted name in the backup industry. We also offer a backup tool within your Joomla! site that allows you to manually backup your work anytime you want.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO services

SEO Analysis & Services

Effectively analyze your online marketing potential with an SEO Analysis from JoeJoomla.

An audit for strategic search engine optimization will help you determine the most strategic SEO improvements you can make for you site.

Any ongoing SEO services you may need for your website are also available.

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